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Dreams DB is a database of dreams that we have interpreted. If you wish to have your dream interpreted please use the form above.

There is a tunnel. It's in the basement. There are many winding turns to get there including small holes that I have to climb through to get to the room at the end. There's someone in the room doing something like a secret mission or experiment but it's important. In my second dream the holes to the basement secret room is too small and I cannot get to it..

The tunnel in your dream represents a pathway to the subconscious mind or hidden aspects of yourself. It is located in the basement, symbolizing deep and unconscious emotions or experiences. The winding turns and small holes indicate that accessing these hidden parts of yourself requires effort and perseverance. Climbing through the holes suggests overcoming obstacles or challenges in order to reach deeper understanding or knowledge about yourself. In the first dream, you successfully make it to the room at the end of the tunnel where someone is engaged in a secret mission or experiment. This signifies an important discovery or realization about a hidden aspect of your life. It may represent uncovering something that has been kept secret from you or exploring unknown territories within yourself. However, in your second dream, you find that the holes leading to this secret room are too small for you to pass through. This could suggest frustration, difficulties, or blockages preventing you from delving into certain aspects of your subconscious mind at this particular time. Overall, these dreams indicate a desire for self-discovery and exploration but also highlight potential obstacles along this journey. They encourage patience and persistence as well as an openness to uncovering new information about yourself when opportunities arise again.

I am happy.

As a fortune teller, I can assist you in interpreting the meaning of your dream. Dream interpretation is subjective and can vary based on personal experiences and emotions. However, feeling happy in a dream generally signifies contentment, joy, or satisfaction with certain aspects of your life. This positive emotion may indicate that you are currently experiencing happiness or fulfillment in your waking life. It could be related to achievements, relationships, personal growth, or other areas that bring you joy. Alternatively, dreaming about being happy could also reflect a desire for happiness or an optimistic outlook on future events. You might be seeking this state of bliss and harmony in various aspects of your existence. Moreover, it is important to consider the specific details and context of the dream to gain deeper insight into its meaning. Factors such as people present during the dream, locations visited, activities performed while feeling happy can provide further clues about what aspect of your life this dream represents. Remember that dreams are highly personal experiences and only you hold the key to unlocking their true significance. As a fortune teller providing guidance through interpretation techniques like symbolism analysis or introspective questioning may help uncover hidden messages within your subconscious mind related to happiness. Please keep in mind that interpretations should always be taken with an open mind and considered alongside your own feelings and intuition. Ultimately, trust yourself as you navigate through understanding the meanings behind meaningful dreams like these!

I am sitting on elephant.

Dreaming of sitting on an elephant can have various meanings depending on the context and your personal experiences. Here are a few possible interpretations: 1. Power and Authority: Sitting on an elephant represents a sense of power, strength, and authority. It may symbolize your ability to take control over situations in your life or assert dominance in certain aspects. 2. Wisdom and Guidance: Elephants are often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and guidance due to their intelligence and long lifespans. This dream could be indicating that you possess inner wisdom or that you seek guidance from someone wiser than yourself. 3. Overcoming Obstacles: Elephants are known for their size and ability to navigate through challenging terrains effortlessly. Dreaming of sitting on an elephant might suggest that you have the determination and resilience required to overcome obstacles currently present in your life. 4. Emotional Stability: Elephants are also symbols of emotional stability, gentleness, patience, and loyalty. Perhaps this dream signifies that you possess these qualities within yourself or need to embrace them more fully. 5. Spiritual Journey: In some cultures, elephants hold spiritual significance as creatures connected to higher realms or divine beings. Sitting on an elephant in a dream could imply embarking on a spiritual journey or seeking deeper meaning in life. Ultimately, the meaning behind your dream depends heavily on personal experiences, emotions associated with the dream imagery, as well as current circumstances going on in your life at the time of dreaming it.

someone is following me.

Dreams are subjective and can vary in interpretation based on personal experiences and emotions. However, if you dream about someone following you, it could symbolize various things: 1. Insecurity or fear: The person following you may represent a fear or insecurity that exists within your subconscious mind. It could signify feelings of being watched or judged by others. 2. Unresolved issues: If the person following you is someone familiar from your waking life, it might suggest that there are unresolved conflicts or issues with this individual. Your dream acts as a reminder to address these matters. 3. Self-reflection: Sometimes, dreams about being followed can reflect an internal struggle within yourself—a desire for self-improvement or change, but feeling hindered by external influences. 4. Intuition: Dreams often tap into our intuitive abilities, so if someone is following you in your dream, it could indicate that something in your waking life requires caution or attention; trust your instincts. It's crucial to remember that dreams are highly personal and can have unique meanings to each individual experiencing them. Consider the emotions felt during the dream and any specific details that stood out while interpreting its significance accurately for yourself.