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Meaning of Dream


There is a tunnel. It's in the basement. There are many winding turns to get there including small holes that I have to climb through to get to the room at the end. There's someone in the room doing something like a secret mission or experiment but it's important. In my second dream the holes to the basement secret room is too small and I cannot get to it..


The tunnel in your dream represents a pathway to the subconscious mind or hidden aspects of yourself. It is located in the basement, symbolizing deep and unconscious emotions or experiences.

The winding turns and small holes indicate that accessing these hidden parts of yourself requires effort and perseverance. Climbing through the holes suggests overcoming obstacles or challenges in order to reach deeper understanding or knowledge about yourself.

In the first dream, you successfully make it to the room at the end of the tunnel where someone is engaged in a secret mission or experiment. This signifies an important discovery or realization about a hidden aspect of your life. It may represent uncovering something that has been kept secret from you or exploring unknown territories within yourself.

However, in your second dream, you find that the holes leading to this secret room are too small for you to pass through. This could suggest frustration, difficulties, or blockages preventing you from delving into certain aspects of your subconscious mind at this particular time.

Overall, these dreams indicate a desire for self-discovery and exploration but also highlight potential obstacles along this journey. They encourage patience and persistence as well as an openness to uncovering new information about yourself when opportunities arise again.